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Immigration Help Line
Tier 4 [Students]


Tier 4 [Students]

There will be two other types of visa which may be obtained by people who wish to study in the UK, but which are not covered by the Tier 4 rules:

Student Visitor
- You can come to study in the UK for a maximum of 6 months
- Your stay in the UK cannot be extended
- No work (whether paid or unpaid) is allowed
- You may be able to apply for this visa at the airport/port where you enter the UK, but it depends on your nationality (check first with the British embassy in your country)
Prospective Student
- You need to apply for this visa before coming to the UK
- You will be given a maximum of 6 months to choose between schools which have offered places to you
- No work (whether paid or unpaid) is allowed
- You may be able to switch to a General Student visa after you have chosen your school and have obtained your Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies (CAS)

There will be two types of student visa under the Tier 4 rules:

Adult Student
- For full-time study (usually at least 15 hours per week of classes)
- If the study is for a qualification which is lower than a university degree, the maximum visa length is 3 years
- If the study is for a university degree or higher qualification, the maximum visa length is 4 years
- If you have this type of visa you can work part-time during term (a maximum of 20 hours per week) and full-time during your school's official holidays
- You may be able to switch into a Tier 1 (highly skilled) or Tier 2 (skilled worker) visa at the end of your studies
Child Student
- For students under 18 [details are not shown here]

Below is a summary of some of the Tier 4 rules for Adult Student visas.
The final version of the rules was announced on Monday 9 March 2009.

There are the following quick guides:
- Applying for an adult student visa
- Extending an adult student visa
- Course to prepare for study

For the full policy guidance notes see:
There are some references in this to the detailed rules, which can be found using the links below:
Full set of rules:
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